Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I'm feeling 22

I'm the absolute worst at taking pictures when I'm out with my friends! But, a couple of weekends ago I celebrated my 22nd birthday, and Addi was here to visit! We met studying abroad in London, and she's my right hand (wo)man when it comes to making sure we take pictures! I'm hoping to take some better pictures featuring my romper from that night, but in the mean time...

Sami Xoxo

I'm wearing the Flynn Skye Gypsy Jumper from Free People in 'ivory floral'. I was going for the whole laid back, and relaxed 70s vibe. Not exactly "club attire," but it fit my mood for hanging out with my friends and dancing to live music just perfectly! 

Wearing my crystal jewels from a close friend's Etsy shop, she has dreamy necklaces infused with all the wonderful energy and benefits that come from these natural stones. You should
check out her Instagram account too, because it's an absolute DREAM!

Grabbing a birthday brunch with Addi in Boston at the Beehive 
(hands down best breakfast in all of Boston).

Here's a little birthday shopping guide!

1. Flynn Skye Gypsy Jumper at Free People in ivory floral

2. Citrine Chunk Silver Necklace from Fill the Soul 

stone of success
helps protect ones aura
promotes creativity

3. Gold Bullet Cased Quartz Necklace from Fill the Soul
(I actually have the silver cased one)

stone of clarity and perfection
protects against & clears negativity
energizes other crystals

4. The Flynn Sky Gypsy Jumper comes in polka dot too! 
I'm adding it to my wish list.

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