Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fall Fashion Staples

Whether you're going back to school, just graduated and headed off to a new job, or it's simply just a season change for you, there a few items that every girl needs in her closet.

"A great lasting wardrobe isn't about a certain look" - Lou Stoppard

1. Leather Jacket

Free People Vegan Leather Hooded Motorcycle Jacket ($168)

Love this jacket, looks and feels like real leather, and has a detachable sweatshirt hood. It's the perfect loose fit, while still managing to flatter your figure with tailored seems in the back.

This two toned H&M jacket (also available in a solid black) is just as cute as it is on Al in person! Just $49.95 :)

Broke as F?
$15 at Forever, comes in black too babes

2. Suede booties

If you haven't invested in a pair of ankle boots, or found a pair that you love, I urge you to try these Sam Edelman boots!

Sam Edelman 'Louie' Boot $159.95

I bought these at Nordstrom unexpectedly when I was at the mall. I wore them all winter/spring/summer, and will be surely wearing them this fall. At $159.95, they were definitely a spur of the moment purchase, but sometimes you just know it's going to be a good thing. My Aunt has them in two colors, and a lot of my retail friends have them too! They're the perfect height at around 2'' to give you a little extra height, but be comfortable enough to be on your feet all day!

3. Black skinnies

I'm certain that there is no one clothing item that can pull an entire outfit together, or leave you feeling more chic than a simple pair of black skinnies. Even with just a white tee and combat boots you look badass.

Free People Lightweight Stretch Skinnies 

4. Fitted Flannel

I know, I know, I'm on a Free People rant right now (okay, always) but it's too good I don't care. Seriously, it's the best fitting flannel I've ever bought that isn't men's. The patchwork is great, the lace detail isn't too much, and it flares out. I just want to go apple picking, is that too much to ask?

Free People Patched Plaid Button-down

5. Floppy hat

Such a simple way to look put together, and hide a bad hair day. I don't think that fashion has to be expensive, but hats are one of the few things that I feel can make a drastic difference if they look cheap. Just make sure that if they are cheap, they don't look it!

Honestly, I just got the black felt one from Brandy Melville, it's great :) It's not available online so I didn't link it, but just pick it up at the store.

"...So when it comes to building a perfect wardrobe, make sure you love the ones you're with."

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

How to get that California chic style inspired by three West Coast babes

“You could travel the world, but nothing comes close to the Golden Coast,” sings Katy Perry in "California Gurls." And who could beg to differ, with the endless sunshine that make it feel like summer all year round, beach bonfire potential, and sun kissed bombshells. Home to "Clueless", Hollywood, "The O.C." and KP herself, what’s not to love? These three California queens of Instagram won’t disappoint, born and raised Californians, they’ve got it down to a science.

1. Instagram name: amandalynnxo

This Wildfox loving SoCal pixie inspires with her ethereal, sunshine filled, and comfy lifestyle. She rocks a sweatsuit better than most people rock their Friday night flares. Let her laid back insta-style inspire you, alongside her dreamy home decor, and drool worthy shopping guides. 

2. Instagram name: cairusso

The ultimate California babe, and model, Cailin Russo doesn’t just charm the West Coast with her stunning looks, but her totally rad style. She is the essence of California cool, with her hippy chic bangs, and ability to rock a hat without an ounce of effort. Rockstar dad, and pro surfer boyfriend aside, Miss Cailin is just an Urban Outfitters and American Apparel loving girl like the rest of us! Did I mention that she’s featured in Super Groupie’s new single, “Say that you want me”?

3. Instagram name: shannonbarkerr 

Cali crushing on Shannon Barker (younger sister of Caitlin Barkerr), a California native and video blogger with the Instagram to match. Sunsets and ocean waves are sprinkled throughout her style posts. A Brandy Melville addict, and model for the brand, she mixes grungy vans, converse, and her stunning blonde locks with perfectly executed looks. Her cut offs, plaid button downs, and oversized cardigans make for completely attainable and affordable looks, but all in the right proportions. 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

wandering gypsy

Feeling extra inspired by the August 2013 look book by the Australian label Spell.
Ready to hit road dripping in turquoise, crochet, and kimonos, soaking up the last of summer's sun.
Bambi is literally the ultimate babe, killer gypsy & eyebrow queen (pre-delevingne).

Xoxo Sami