Thursday, May 17, 2012

What we have here is a dreamer.

"Someone completely out of touch with reality."

My friend Michelle is taking a styling class, the same one I took last term! I haven't posted the pictures from my own yet, but Michelle's took place in a much cooler location. Addi, her boyfriend Jake and I helped her out! We took these pictures around Brick Lane with all the street art, I think Michelle is super talented and was glad to help out! ;)

I'm almost positive Michelle picked this area to shoot in because of Poppies...the fish & chips place in the first set of pictures. She is obsessed with their fries, and although it was my first time eating them in this picture...they were SO good!

There are so many more pictures we took this day, but I'll post them periodically so I can revisit this day as many times as possible :)

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