Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Penny Lane

Director Cameron Crowe's Tiny Dancer scene in Almost Famous is the perfect backdrop to this post.

Trends and styles come and go, and there are few (maybe more) that haunt us from our childhood, making it difficult to give a fair chance when they come back around. One example faced by many right now would be overalls, but a second and more consistent one would be bangs. 

If you had a bowl haircut with bangs like you were the fifth member of the Beatles that your parents referred to as a “shag,” and called you “pumpkin head,” you may be scarred for good. Be better than the bad haircut of your childhood, be brave and embrace the art of the bang. Hollywood A-listers left and right sport bangs, but my inspiration came from the ‘70s vibe that I’m always loving. I was inspired by models like Cailin Russo and Abbey Lee Kershaw, icons like Jane Birkin, and movies like Almost Famous and Dazed and Confused. They’re light and wispy, can easily be pushed to the side, and feel perfect for the summer.

Xx Sami

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